The pictures you order will be produced by my favorite photo lab WhiteWall and shipped directly to you.

I always supply the lab with uncompressed full resolution copies of my image files.

But please note, that I use quite different camera system to take my pictures. It ranges from medium format digital cameras like the Leica S, which produces large and extremely sharp images, to 35mm film systems like the Nikon F4 or Leica M7. Film adds a more atmospheric and organic look to my work but the final images have a lower resolution. Furthermore I often shoot with a wide opened aperture and especially with the old non AF systems, the focus can be slightly off. In addition, I sometimes add extra grain to my pictures and I only do a moderate sharpening.

Therefor, please check the images carefully before you purchase whether they fulfill your needs. My shop images has a size of about 2000px at the longest side, and can be displayed in a full screen mode. Hence, a large enough monitor should give you a very good impression how the image will appear later as print.

You can find more information about the size and paper types that you can choose for your prints on my formates & prices site.